Exmaid | photo courtesy of the artist

You may be familiar with Philly post-punk staples Psychic Teens and their signature brooding and atmospheric sound. If so, you may recognize some of the members of the new band Exmaid — but their sound may surprise you. Gone are the deep and haunting vocals and dark and stormy, fuzzed-out melodies — “Devoted,” the first single from Exmaid’s forthcoming LP, is positively sunny.

That’s all thanks to the influence of songwriter and vocalist Miranda Taylor (formerly of New Jersey bands Hunchback, Black Wine, and Full of Fancy). Taylor approached Psychic Teens with a batch of songs she’d written, looking for inspiration to help make her vision a reality. The result is Exmaid, and their debut album Fair Sex will be released April 6 via Don Giovanni and SRA Records.

“Devoted” is a high-energy take on existential frustration — “I want to trade this out for something new / I’m sick and tired of feeling the way I used to,” Taylor sings over upbeat punk riffs. It may be a musical departure for some members of the band, but it sure works.

Ragone told New Noise Magazine:

“This is a fun one that came together rather quickly. Miranda had this insane choppy and stabby guitar part that had us puzzled upon our first few listens. But once we all got the feel of it and the vocal melody was added, we really took to it. It’s great to play live after one of our slower heavier songs as it re-energizes us and everyone else in the room.”

Listen to “Devoted” below and pre-order Fair Sex here. Exmaid plays a record release show at Long In The Tooth on Saturday, April 21 with Dialer. Follow all of the band’s updates on their Facebook page.