&More | via Okayplayer.com

Alternative R&B singer Donn T and well-known Philadelphia based MC Chill Moody have made it official: the two Philly music scene vets will be joining forces under the name &More. The two artists paired up last year on Donn T’s single “Clear,” a track dealing with the metamorphosis of one’s self.

In January, &MORE made its debut at The Roots Jam Session ahead of the 2018 Grammy Awards, establishing their presence in the industry. This month, they released their first debut single “My Own Light,” which you can listen to below.

Donn T’s soothing, angelic vocals and Chill Moody’s gripping, poetic rhymes create a balance that resembles the relationship between yin and yang. In addition, the dreamlike synths and smooth guitar riffs, played by well-known Philly guitarist and producer Jake Morelli, give the track a gentle yet steady psychedelic flow.

Give a listen to “My Own Light,” which will appear on &More’s forthcoming debut album Ethel Bobcat.