Kate Dressed Up | photo by Dan Whitehead | courtesy of the artist

Indie folk artist Katie Miller just released her latest single as Kate Dressed Up. The track “I Wish” is collaboration with London-based Ganda Boys, a humanitarian music group, with Ugandan/pan-African musical roots, who help raise global awareness to crises happening in Uganda. Miller met the group at the The Vigil 4 Peace & Ecology at Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park NY, where they were both performing.  The collaboration started with Katie’s original, “Intro Song” and was embellished by the Ganda Boys to create the folk-fusion piece they called “I Wish.” In a two minute documentary, she explains the meaning behind the song, saying…..

“It is about always wanting to find a place where you feel at peace or always wanting to finding somewhere where you feel comfortable. You realize that that’s not always something that is obtainable, but there’s ways to find peace that are not what you expect and there’s way to come to peace with thing that are not perfect……… You can search and search but maybe the thing that is going to make you happy is right in front or you just have to see things differently.”

Both parties worked for many months and across the Atlantic Ocean to create the single, they even self-produced a music video, which you can watch below. “I Wish” is a beautiful arrangement of delicate guitar chords and piano, with a fusion of English and Swahili lyrics to create a heart-warming single.

In the last two years, Katie has released two EPs. Now, she is working on a full length album as Kate Dressed Up that will be exploring a wider range of sounds. Below, you can check on Kate Dressed Up and the Ganda Boys’s self-produced music video “I Wish” as well as the documentary interview with Kate Dressed Up.