Argyle | via

Local rapper and producer Argyle has recently released two new music videos for his songs “Key Change” and “Clout Music.” Both tracks are from his latest project Stage 4, released in November of last year. The visuals are smooth and simple, but still interesting, and are a good introduction to the Stage 4 project itself.

The “Key Change” music video focuses on Argyle himself, delivering the lyrics directly to you, illuminated by soft neon lights and shown from different angles. The simplistic and aesthetically pleasing approach allows the viewer to focus more on the song itself, with the visuals being purely supplementary. The track, produced by Argyle, features a smooth upright bass, a sample of drowned vocal harmonies, and Argyle’s clean, clever, slice of life lyrics.

The second video is for “Clout Music.” It has a similar vibe to “Key Change,” visually focusing on Argyle delivering the song while strolling through the streets of Philly, calm and confident. The track itself features a soothing instrumental with subtle strings, a gentle, high pitched flute, and sharp percussion, and of course Argyle’s clever rhymes.

Check out the two music videos down below, and grab a download of Stage 4 here.