Lovelorn | photo via

There’s an exciting new band in town, folks. Lovelorn was born from the dissolution of long-running Philly psych-punks Creepoid, and they just played their first hometown show, opening for Dead Meadow at Underground Arts on Sunday night.

Lovelorn’s full, half-hour long set was captured on video, so those who missed the performance (or those who were there and want to experience it all over again) can watch it below. Lovelorn, made up of three-fourth’s of Creepoid’s lineup and led by bassist/vocalist Anna Troxell, makes songs that are drawn-out and dreamy, with distorted guitars and soft, moody vocals laden with sleepy restlessness. The hazy, smoke-filled Underground Arts stage provides the perfect setting for the band’s dark and atmospheric sound — it’s enough to make the end of Creepoid a little less sad. Here’s hoping we get to see Lovelorn play another show soon.

Watch the gig footage below and listen to more Lovelorn on their Bandcamp page.