Kilamanzego | photo by Manny Arocho | courtesy of the artist

From playing bass/guitar in various hardcore punk rock bands to entering the trap world, Philly’s Kilamanzego, has gone beyond the boundaries of genre with her unprecedented skills behind the screen. Much of mainstream trap is cookie-cutter and can be created with just a simple formula. Kila takes a unique approach in order to create sounds that provoke your senses and leave you in a trance-like state. By going against the grain, Kila has established herself as one of the most creative musical minds in Philly. In a recent interview with The Key’s, which you can read here, Kilamanzego shared her thoughts on trap/music in general.

“What’s being defined as trap music is so broad now that I’m not even sure how to start critiquing it. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing — evolution in music is really beautiful to me. I love experimentation and anyone who goes against the grain, which is all about being fearless.”

Her newest single, “laughter in the sun showers,” was produced with Stockholm, Sweden-based artist Tusabe, and on it we hear Kilamanzego manipulating different elements of sound, stretching and distorting the state of each, to create a tapestry of unique sonic textures. The resulting music sends listeners on a wave of euphoria and allows their minds to wander into the radiance of the sun. Below, you can experience the magical vibes yourself.