Zell Row | photo by Tim Schade | courtesy of the artist

Philadelphia’s Amanda Martinez just released Siren Songs, her debut under the banner Zell Row, and it’s an etherial set of songs traveling the darker corridors of electronic and ambient music. Musically and texturally, the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter is Influenced by the natural elements of Puerto Rico, where she gew up, as well as the gritty glamor of Atlantic City, where she spent more recent years before moving to Philly. The resulting sound reflects elements of both worlds — lush and warm, while also cold and lonely. That sensation is visually captured in the video for Siren Songs‘ “J,” which you can watch below.

It was filmed last July by Martinez and collaborator Tim Schade on Orr’s Island in Maine — Martinez, it seems, is never far from the ocean, whether geographically or spiritually — and montages footage of hands skimming across submerged beds of Kelp, floating snakes, and flowers which Martinez plucks and then returns to the tide, a meditation on the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, as well as an attempt to understand (in Martinez’s words) “what it is to exist as a participant of this natural succession.” 

Watch the video below, listen to the Siren Songs EP on Bandcamp and order it now via tape label Glowing Dagger Records.