Editors | photo by Ashley Gellman for WXPN | agellmanphotos.com

By day four of NonCOMM, it’s not surprising that some of the crowd was beginning to feel a little weary. Some were already on planes or trains, heading back to their everyday lives, but plenty others stuck around, coffees and/or beers in hand, to catch the final two acts of this year’s convention.

After a perfect warmup set by Belly, British rockers Editors had the honor of closing out the party on the NPR Music stage. And party they did. Before the band came onstage, I overheard someone behind me in the audience say “Are you ready to rock?” I thought to myself, “Haven’t we been rocking all week?” But Editors, with their charismatic charm and songs that filled the room to the brim, seemed to almost redefine what it means to rock.

Editors came across the pond with a selection of new songs from their recent record Violence, multiple guitars, and a sheer force of energy that instantly got the crowd back on its feet. A mainstay of the UK and European scenes, Editors only come our way every so often, but their catchy, upbeat pop-infused-rock tunes, including singles “Magazine” and “Hallelujah (So Low)” were eagerly enthusiastically received by the crowd. The band wrapped their tour last night at the TLA, and there aren’t any more upcoming stateside dates on the horizon for Editors, but we can only hope the Brits return to our fine city sooner rather than later.

Check out photos from the set and listen to an audio archive below.