Mic Stew | still from video

Philly rapper Mic Stew is back with his latest single and music video to the track “It Will All Be Okay,” a self reaffirming track backed by a hauntingly bright beat. Producer Daniel Martin is able to cast a drug-daze similar to A$AP Rocky’s 2013 hit “Purple Swag,” while the submerged beat leaves enough headroom for Mic Stew to get to work. Touching on the pitfalls of alcohol and dealing with pressure and depression, Stew emotionally unravels lyrically throughout the track.

The Domenick Cucinotta-directed video depicts Stew mulling about his Philadelphia apartment fading in and out of creativity. One shot Stew is writing down lyrics, the next he’s scribbling them out; one shot Stew is confidently swaggering around the apartment, reading out loud from a book, the shot next he’s face down in the couch.  The video ends with Stew dancing around the brick streets with the instrumental outro, a cathartic release of emotion.

Mic Stew and friends perform live this Saturday night at Phoenixville’s Pickering Creek Inn. For info on the show, check out the flyer below via Mic Stew’s Instagram.