Bucolic | photo via bucolic.bandcamp.com

The incomparable Bucolic, a notable solo act among the Philly DIY crowd, just dropped a new single following his April EP release, Glow Worm. This new track, “Unconscious Color,” slows down that heavy looped sound we’re so used to hearing from his previous work, and takes the plunge into the spacey shoegaze genre. Though it’s not a drastic change for Bucolic, it’s definitely one that fits. His music has always sort of hovered in this space that defies labels. Is his sound alternative? Is it indie? Is it synthetic? He’s managed to pin himself across multiple genres, and it takes time to listen to decide where he resonates with you. It’s a cool way to balance the relationship of creator and listener so it’s more of a collaborative effort.

Pitman, New Jersey native Seth Carpenter has released two official EPs under the Bucolic project, and his 2017 debut Rope’s Wing was his breakout into the Philadelphia crowd without a doubt. His popularity sort of exploded, and his following has exponentially increased over the last year. He has been featured prominently in the bar and house show scenes in both University City and just outside at Saint Joseph’s University, where you can find arguably his biggest fans.

“Unconscious Color” feels like a transitioning track to me. The first few opening seconds of the track remind me a little bit of his fan favorite, “Daisy,” which is by no means a bad thing. But the similarities between past and present work end there, with a few quiet drum beats. Carpenter’s signature heavily filtered vocal style is replaced with a more organic and subtler tone. His sound is still very evident, but it’s more subdued. This is an easy track to get lost in, in a good way. It feels like a lullaby on first listen, but once you dive in again the beauty of the lyricism really stands out once you know what to listen to. Carpenter is a truly talented writer, pulling inspiration from nature everywhere, which reflects one of his notable pastimes.

Once the hazy soundscape takes over, you know he’s completely entranced the listener. This track is a swirling mesh of guitar and synthetic beats that manage to pull both artist and audience away from reality and into a space of being. It’s an incredible effort that hints at what is to come for Bucolic, and what better time to release this track than the beginning of summer. An LP is highly, highly anticipated.

You can find Bucolic on June 9th at Puck in Doylestown, and other event dates listed here.