Rosali | via

Singer-songwriter Rosali has just released a new video from her most recent LP, Trouble Anyway, and the visuals for “I Wanna Know” are magnetic. Hyper-real, under-cut footage paired with the raw alto tone of Rosali’s voice makes for a stirring five-minute watch. It’s simple and clean, and set right here in Philadelphia.

There’s a nervous, ticking energy through this video that is only emphasized through the repetitive back-and-forth chords of the song. While it seems at first that the visuals might be a little off-kilter, considering the opening clip features Rosali eating an orange in the shower, it actually slowly morphs into a vague, though still expressive, narrative as the song goes on. Rosali is the only person featured throughout the entire video, and that feeling of loneliness is present in nearly every frame. From the unease in her facial expressions to the continuous reference to previous interior frames of scratching at a losing lottery ticket with the words “Be Mine” etched at the top, to the shower, to walking through a gray cityscape by herself, it shares that anxiety of being alone with the viewer.

It’s a pretty genius video considering how simple it is. Rosali got it right. She sheds an honest light on the discomfort of loneliness. Watch it below.