Petal | photo by Katie Krulock | courtesy of the artist

Themes of self-reflection and authenticity appear throughout Petal‘s new album, Magic Gone, but come alive even more dramatically in the new video for its title track. For Kiley Lotz, the Scranton-based artist behind the Petal moniker, the songs on the record are honest and deeply personal, so it makes sense that she would star in the video as herself…or, rather, a few different versions of herself.

The H.S. Naji-directed video takes Lotz through scenes of everyday life turned tumultuous by uncertainty and doubt, as she eventually sheds her blonde-wig facade, facing change without hiding behind her disguise. “I can’t remember the last time I pulled off the table cloth and every dish stayed in place. The magic gone, and that solemn look upon your face that says, ‘we’re finally growing up,'” Lotz sings on the track, well on her way to feeling at peace with herself and her identity.

Lotz told The Fader:

“The song is about distance and time in a relationship and trying to grow up together. For the video, Naji created a beautiful story about putting on a costume or performance everyday and trying to be true to yourself, which is very much a part of any relationship. Sometimes things just aren’t alright, and you need to voice those parts of your emotional life to have healthy relationships with yourself and others.”

Watch the video below. Magic Gone is out now, and Petal joins XPN for Free at Noon next Friday, July 20. RSVP here. She also has a show in Wilkes-Barre on July 22; find more info on the XPN Concert Calendar.