Spirit of the Beehive | photo by Emily Burtner | courtesy of the artist

Spirit of the Beehive is releasing their third full-length album, Hypnic Jerks in September 2018 via Tiny Engines. The title refers to the involuntary twitch you might sometimes experience while beginning to fall asleep, a jerked knee or flung arm wrenching you back into reluctant wakefulness.

Lead single “Can I Receive the Contact?” growls with hostility, repeating the song title in a tone of rising desperation. In a sample midway through the song, a crash and incessant bell-tolling adds to the sense of apprehension. True to the album’s name, the song blends the haze of a lucid dream with the violent door-knock of reality.

During their tour with Pile, Spirit of the Beehive will play at First Unitarian Church on October 18.