NPR Music Tiny Desk Contest winner Gaelynn Lea joins Philadelphia singer-dancer-songwriter Kingsely Ibeneche next month for a free concert at the Moore College of Art and Design. The first in Moore’s Mutual Irradiation series, the event also includes a dialogue concerning their artistic journeys and the way both artists utilize their talents for healing and social change.

Gaelynn Lea is a singer, violinist whose bewitching musical style is rooted in traditional folk. She is also a public speaker and disability rights advocate. She works to use her music as a platform to promote awareness and education about disabilities. In speeches she shares her personal journey and praises music as a form of healing.

Kingsley Ibeneche is a young R&B artist from Camden, and just last year produced an record with multi-instrumentalist Lee “LeBeet” Clark called CHi. His soulful, angelic vocals invoke shivers and CHi is a jazzy, storytelling masterpiece.

Info on the concert can be found here; listen to music from both artists below.