Fast Car Slow Car | via Soundcloud

Breshon Martzall is the bassist of The Districts’ offshoot oddball punk band Straw Hats, and late last week he released the first track from his new solo project, Fast Car Slow Car. Musically warped and weird in a lo-fi Ariel Pink kind of way, “Waffles” is, on the surface, a celebration of the popular breakfast food, and the aesthetic of its companion music video can best be described as after school cartoons on acid.

Edited by The Districts’ Braden Lawrence (who is responsible for a bizarro project of his own, Haggert McTaggert) and shot by Lawrence with Elle Micheli, Brock Oliver, Sarah Rudderow, and Keondre Martzall, the video is centered around scenes of Martzall bathed in multi-colored lights, reclining in a Champion sweater, singing into a cordless phone while rocking a pair of Cobain-style heart sunglasses. We get other cosmic shots of abstracted windows and lips, along with waffle factoids presented at the intermission, but for all its goofy irreverence, the lyrics actually find Martzall singing about confusion, emotional hangups, and a search for clarity in an Ian Curtis croon.

Watch the “Waffles” video below, and grab a download of the song — produced by Rob Grote of The Districts — over at Bandcamp.