Weezer | photo by Rachel Barrish for WXPN

On Wednesday night, Los Angeles rockers Weezer landed on North Broad Street to perform at the newly opened Met Philly. The four-piece group dropped in on tour in advance of their upcoming album, the black album coming in March 2019.

Weezer has always been the band in the back of your mind that you think of as an eclectic cornucopia of genres — rock ’n roll, surf rock, alternative, pop, but always leaning on the indie rocker vibes. Their songs have resonated with so many since the mid ’90’s self-titled (blue) album came out. Many of those classics were also played in the grand room at The Met. Already a unique venue to see a “legacy alternative rock” band, and having just held its opening night concert with Bob Dylan the week before, it was actually the perfect space for this performance. Because many Weezer fans have been intimately listening to the band since they were teenagers, the large-scale, extravagant venue felt like a better fit than a Frankford Hall or Fillmore.

Weezer | Photo by Rachel Barrish | rachelbarrish.com

Heading onto stage with the “Happy Days” soundtrack playing, Rivers, Patrick, Brian and Scott jumped right into “Buddy Holly”. “Hash Pipe” and “Beverly Hills” immediately followed with the hits that kept on hitting. Overall it seemed like there was at least one song played from every Weezer album but of course, making room for the “Africa” by Toto cover.

Additionally, during a cover of “Longview” by Green Day, Rivers ran off stage and up to the second mezzanine where there was a microphone and an acoustic guitar waiting for him. The crowd sang along to “Island In the Sun” watching Rivers in the corner of the auditorium, and then he slightly pumped up the volume for a cover of “Take on Me” by A-ha.

Weezer | Photo by Rachel Barrish | rachelbarrish.com

Weezer will always be the band that reminds me of surf rock and ocean waves; the emo-indie rock boys from the early 2000’s that were featured in so many of the teen drama television shows and movies.

The show ended with a confetti cannon explosion, sprinkling the room with happiness, excitement and comfort.

Opening the night were Philadelphians turned Californian’s, Mt. Joy who have had quite the year after they released their self-titled album and received critical acclaim from NPR and Billboard. The indie folk group will be heading out on their own headline tour in early 2019.

Check out photos from the show in the gallery below.