Babe Grenade | photo via

One of the more active bands to come out of the 2018 edition of First Time’s The Charm, Philly five-piece Babe Grenade made their studio debut on Friday with the single “Down South.”

Led by the smooth and sanguine vocals of Kami Lyles and the fierce raps of Nia Waqiah Ali, the song opens on a slight minor key groove that builds over the course of three minutes as guitarist Erin Fox crafts atmospheric layers over the propulsive rhythm section of bassist Jacinda Arellano and drummer Valentina Virgilio.

The song is about escaping from lies, oppression, and general societal toxicity and finding one’s own way in the world; take a listen below. Babe Grenade does not have any shows on their calendar at the moment, but you can keep on top of announcements by following them on Facebook.