Swim Camp | photo by max kulicke | via facebook.com/swimcamper

Swim Camp emerged into the Philly music scene with their first album Scuba, released in 2017. The band is the unique brainchild of Tom Morris (backed onstage by Brian Sanderson, Taylor Cullen, and Mark Watter) and it has a distinct ambient, synth-meets-folk sound.

The band released a music video earlier this week for what is set to be the third song off of their upcoming sophomore album. “Pretty Bird” is a somber, angsty, ode to loss and the struggle of coming to terms with inevitable endings. In a muffled, gravely tone, Morris can be heard repeating the line “watch the pretty bird fly,” throughout the piece. The track is dominated by its instrumentals and most notably features violin from Molly Germer.

The music video, directed and edited by Bob Sweeney, features a man wandering into the woods to bury an unidentifiable box. The box, coupled with the song’s lyrics, serves as a complimentary allegory to the idea of moving on. By burying the box, the man in the video is able to relinquish past pain Barlow Hill, the band’s upcoming album, is set to release on April 19th.

Alongside their upcoming releases, Swim Camp is holding a concert with Tate, The Onlys, and Kiro Heck on 4/12 at 8pm. The show will be held at The Pit and tickets will be $5 at the door.