Balance and Composure | photo by Rachel Barrish for WXPN

After eleven years, three albums and numerous EP releases, Doylestown rockers Balance & Composure played their second to last show ever last night. A few months ago the band announced they would be ending their time as a band together and would be playing a few finale shows.

The Fillmore ended up being a great spot for these final shows — B&C were joined by two of their favorite bands, including local favorites Queen of Jeans (who played a killer set featuring a few new songs from their upcoming album), as well as a reunited Superheaven, peers of Balance who came out to play with them after having been on a major hiatus.

Queen of Jeans | photo by Rachel Barrish for WXPN

Superheaven | photo by Rachel Barrish for WXPN

During their set, Balance & Composure worked their way forward, rolling through tracks from their decade-plus year history. Fans went nuts for the throwbacks from 2011’s Separation moving through 2013’s The Things We Think We’re Missing and the most recent 2016’s Light We Made. While their catalog may be a bit small, the songs on these albums speak volumes to the fans who listen.

Midway through the set, lead vocalist and guitarist Jon Simmons asked for the venue’s drink special which, for the night, was dubbed “Tiny Raindrop” in honor of a standout track from Missing. The band got their drinks brought out and the five members all cheers’d one another before diving into “Postcard.”

Balance and Composure | photo by Rachel Barrish for WXPN

Simmons continuously gave thanks to special people who had helped them throughout the years, including the Pennsylvania rock bands they grew up around — with notable mentions for Title Fight and Tigers Jaw. They ended the night with an encore of “Tiny Raindrop” and “Reflection,” showing their endless thanks and gratitude for all of the the love throughout the years.

Balance and Composure’s sold-out final show happens on Saturday night, March 11th. Check out pictures from last night’s Fillmore Philly show below.