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Brisbane, Australia pop four-piece Cub Sport has been throwing all of their personal selves into their music for the past several years. On their 2016 debut, lead singer Tim Nelson sang intensely about depression and repression, about personal lows; the band’s 2017 album Bats was a brilliant and candid chronicle of Nelson coming out as a gay man, a journey he made with his bandmate and now-husband Sam Netterfield.

This January, Cub Sport released their self-titled third record, and it follows Nelson more deeply along that personal journey — not only self-acceptance but self-comfort and self-love, the process of fully embracing who you are. The record shimmers and shines across racing electropop anthems like “Sometimes,” holds on to desire in “Video” (which features a vocal contribution from a fellow Brisbane artist, the rapper and singer Mallrat) and gets vulnerable and sentimental on the sweet ballad “Party Pill” (a song Nelson sang to Netterfield at their wedding).

This week, the band released a new music video for “Limousine,” and it is very much about that process of self-transformation, and allowing your outward self to reflect your inner self. Shot on film by Tim Hardy and Kurt Johnson, the video shows Nelson strutting while decked out in futuristic attire, finds him slathered in blood red face-paint, sharing a longing kiss with Netterfield, and with a flash of fangs in an early shot, finds him stepping into the role of a vampire.

Nelson discussed the song in a premiere yesterday with Paper Mag, and had this to say:

“I wrote ‘Limousine’ at a time when I was starting to open up about a bunch of things I’d never really said out loud before, a lot of which involved my sexuality — something I’d learned to feel ashamed of when I was growing up. This song was inspired by that feeling of being completely exposed while I’m still figuring myself out and working through things. It’s an ode to deepening developments in love, sex and spirituality and the way I feel like they’re all intertwined. The closing section of this song feels like some sort of other-worldly rebirthing or shedding of a former-self and right from the first demo of this song, I envisioned a video that captures the heightened energy and other-worldly vibe that this song holds for me.”

Watch the “Limousine” video below, and catch Cub Sport on their U.S. tour, which swings through Philadelphia on Tuesday, May 28th at The Foundry of The Fillmore Philly for an all-ages show. Tickets and more information can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar; full tour dates can be found here.

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