Cherry Glazerr | photo by Emily DeHart for WXPN

At one point in Cherry Glazerr‘s set, frontwoman Clementine Creevy turned her back to the microphone, leaned back limbo-style, jumped up and down — and didn’t miss a beat. That’s what frustrated feminist punk looks like in 2019 according to Cherry Glazerr, and if you weren’t immediately dancing along, ready to join the band or start one of your own, you must have been watching a different set.

That’s not to say that Cherry Glazerr is all fun and games; they’re a band that writes songs with absolute intention. The Los Angeles trio just released their new album Stuffed & Ready, a testament to how much the project that Creevy and her bandmates started when they were in high school has grown. And it’s thanks to their laser focus that the band managed to fit six of their high-energy songs into the 20-minute set, braking only for briefest of moments to greet the crowd.

They’ve been known to keep a social and political message at the forefront of their songs, confronting the misogyny that’s too prevalent in their scene — and in our culture. Their new album keeps up the fiery energy but takes a turn inward, as Creevy tackles her own insecurities head-on. But it’s the kind of personal songwriting you can commiserate with — and the audience tonight, whether they were familiar with the band or not, was more than eager to commiserate. After a set heavy with new material, Cherry Glazerr closed with “Apocalipstick,” the searing title track off their 2017 album, and left us already ready to hear more.

Cherry Glazerr – NonComm 2019

Wasted Nun
Told You
Told You I’d Be With The Boys