Citizen Cope | photo by Gabriela Barbieri for WXPN

Singer-songwriter Citizen Cope has been around for close to two decades at this point, amassing a stronger fanbase that many would dream of. Luckily, his fans were in the crowd yesterday at NonCOMM, ready to embrace his colorful blend of blues, folk, and rock.

Cope, otherwise known as Clarence Greenwood, played his heart out on stage, beginning with the driving, upbeat “Let The Drummer Kick.” A fan favorite, the tune had everyone jumping. From there, he transitioned into “The River,” a new cut off of Heroin and Helicopters, his first release in six years. The song’s somber lyrics drifted on as the band played with grace. Cope could not go without playing cuts from his 2004 record The Clarence Greenwood Recordings, of which he features “Son’s Gonna Rise” and “Sideways.” Both tracks transitioned perfectly from one another, matching the energy and vibe the crowd was looking for.

As Cope finished, he shared an anecdote that inspired the title for his album — Santana warning Greenwood to stay away from the “two h’s,” heroin and helicopters, two things that historically and tragically claim the lives of musicians. The message resonated so strongly with Cope that he went on to name it his album, which was just released on his label Rainwater Recordings. As Cope’s set drew to a close, he ended with another single off of his record, titled “Caribbean Skies.” This song’s lively beat and catchy hook moved the crowd as Greenwood expressed gratitude towards his longtime fans. Cope’s unique style of blues and folk-rock was powerful and exciting, and hopefully, he can continue sharing his love of music with audiences as loyal as the one at NonCOMM.

Check out photos from Citizen Cope’s performance and listen to an audio archive of his set below.

Citizen Cope – NonComm 2019

Let The Drummer Kick
The River
One Lovely Day
Son’s Gonna Rise
Bullet & A Target
Carribean Skies