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Sophie Coran | photo by Bob Sweeney | courtesy of the artist

Philly’s Sophie Coran styles her unique slant on the singer-songwriter genre as “noir & B,” so named for her love of classic B&W mysteries, and the timeless music and elegant fashion that went along with them.

Her new video for the recent single “Duller Star” takes that aesthetic to a visual level, filmed by Bob Sweeney in the frozen-in-time surroundings of Atlantic City on a misty winter day. Settings include a grey beach, a retro-50s diner, and a seedy motel, and the visual gets increasingly compounded and mysterious as the video goes on. It becomes less of a Maltese Falcon-esque literal story, and more of a surreal tapestry. Jessica Tramarin is Coran’s co-star in the video, and plays her doppelgänger; they two are separate halves of a single character in the vein of Ingmar Bergman’s Persona and David Lynch’s Mullholland Drive. 

Says Coran:

“It was so fun to portray what a ‘duller star’ means against the backdrop of Atlantic City. Working with Bob and Jessica, we wanted to create a really intimate look into the life of the main character. By observing her going through the motions of ordinary actions, such as putting on lipstick, sipping coffee, and walking on the beach, we found there is so much beauty within the mundane.”

Watch the “Duller Star” video below. Sophie Coran has two concerts coming up; this Saturday, May 18th, she’ll play at the MAAS Building and 5th Side in Fishtown for Martha Stuckey’s womxn-centered production The Thank You Next Show (more information here), and on June 8th she takes the Plays and Players mainstage with Jack Zaferes and Emmett Drueding (information here).

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