Khemist | still from video

Logan Valley rapper Khemist teamed up with fellow Philadelphian and jazz-schooled drummer Anwar Marshall for an impressive performance of “It Don’t Get No Easier,” another new track off Khemist’s forthcoming Khemtrails EP. The two fuse together strongly as Marshall’s complex rhythms match nicely to Khem’s intricate lyrical flow.

Filmed at Warehouse on Watts, Khemist and Marshall come together to perform the quick two minute and 42-second tune in the dimly lit space. After a wild two verses, the song concludes with a powerful chorus where Khemist raps about the struggles of finding work as a musician, what life was like growing up in his Logan Valley neighborhood, and the threat of facing jail time. The song breaks briefly as a motorcyclist exits the area, screeching into the song’s second verse. Impeccable camera work helps to highlight the two’s stunning rhythmic connections.

Khemist is no stranger to fast tempos and complex rhymes, as he showed on his past efforts, “All In A Days Work” and “Wolves.” He is also no stranger to freestyles, as Khemist has been bringing fans daily #Khemtrails freestyles on his Instagram. Check out the video below, and revisit Khemist’s epic “I Been On A Budget” here.