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Andrew Lipke | courtesy of the artist

Andrew Lipke, the Philly-based, South African born composer and multi-instrumentalist, is known for his fusion of musical genres. His innovative and ever-evolving style has built him a career that ranges from composing classical music to covering Led Zeppelin, but what stands out most is his rich catalogue of solo songwriting, which showcases his ability to find common ground among his varied inspirations.

The newest addition is Overture, a new six-track EP that came out Friday. Lipke calls the EP “a collection of some of the music I’ve created so far in my exploration of themes and concepts within Herman Hesse’s novel Siddhartha.” The novel, which follows the title character’s spiritual journey in search of enlightenment, has inspired countless readers to follow their own paths of self-discovery — one can only assume that Lipke, through his songs, is on a similar journey.

Overture compiles three new songs with one unreleased track and two songs from Lipke’s 2015 release Siddhartha, which first introduced the songwriter’s interest in the novel. This second chapter of his exploration opens with the haunting, orchestral “A Bit of Doubt” before moving into rock and roll with “Ascetic Blues,” switching between both distinct sounds as it progresses. Across the compilation, Lipke shows us where he’s been and what he’s learned, all in the form of songs both catchy and captivating.

At the end of his journey, Siddhartha finds the enlightenment he seeks. Closing the EP with chaotic “Diversify,” Lipke’s own conclusion cannot be summed up so easily. But what he does convey is a wise yet restless energy that suggests that the songwriter has more of life to explore, and countless more sounds to create.

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