Honeytiger | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo | via facebook.com/honeytigerband

Philly indie-rock duo Honeytiger made their debut with their album Half Clean in 2016. Shortly after that, in 2017, they released their EP Tangerine, as well as two singles in 2018. This brings us to 2019, where Honeytiger has just dropped “Piece of Cake,” their newest head-bobbing track out now via goodhowareyou records.

If this is your first listen to Honeytiger, you’ll immediately feel major Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes vibes upon first listen to “Piece of Cake.” This is not to say that Honeytiger’s sound isn’t their own, and more that the song is rooted in recent classics as much as iconic sounds from further back in rock histroy. Drummer Josh Glauser and singer-guitarist Isaac Clark’s new single is an ominous and intriguing rock tune, with a catchy minor-key electric riff and quick cymbal taps that are a small but significantly tasteful touch. And man, does Clark effortlessly hit those high notes.

Listen to Honeytiger’s new single down below and check out their previous work too, available on all streaming services.