Sami Rahman | photo by Paul O’ Connell | courtesy of the artist

Mattress Food frontman Sami Rahman is back with “Hero,” a new single following the release of his Birdboy EP last month. The album saw Rahman branching out of his indie rock roots into melancholic hip-hop & electronic music territory. On “Hero,” Rahman follows this path by incorporating guitar sounds with hard-hitting 808’s.

Produced by Boomerang Kid, the beat for “Hero” features a swung groove over glockenspiel-percussion, slow-moving guitars and a steady booming 808 bass. Rahman’s chorus melody is infectious and woeful, as he sings “I’m not the hero, I’m not the king, I’m gonna f**k up everything.” The sound of the tune can be easily compared to that of Lil Peep, Fash Narc, and Dev John.

Check out the single below.