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Booze Radly mixes together elements of grunge, punk rock, and indie rock together for a loud, shouty musical experience. The Philly rock four-piece formed in 2013 have just released their debut album, Haunted Mind, and it really showcases what the group is capable of.

Starting off strong with a classic four-count stick click on “Empty Rooms,” the record begins with a bang. Harmonized shouted vocals envelope the track. This energy keeps up steadily throughout the record, coming back on “Riptide.” The screams intensify into a beautiful cacophony, each voice coming in at a different angle and with a different timbre. The record touches on themes of love, mental illness, paranoia, and poor decisions. On the track “Willow,” the pounding drums and driving bass show their true colors as many additional voices shout phrases throughout like “do you think of me fondly?”  and “we lost ourselves in the silence.”

A rollercoaster through and through, the album never lets up from its fast, punk rock tempos and raucous cymbal hits. “Glass” features the most mellow spot on the whole album, The track begins like the rest, but brings itself down to a soft breakdown and back up to a wild end featuring thick rock guitars layered throughout. The closer to the record, also the title track of the record brings the tempo down to indie rock territory, while still rocking out over expressive, distorted guitar melodies and a chugging drum beat. Of course, the tune cannot go without one final shouted chorus with multiple harmonies, distorted vocal lines, and dynamic guitar riffs. Overall, Haunted Mind is a fun, fast-paced ride and great debut release from the band.

Check out Haunted Mind below. Booze Radly will be performing in town at West Philly DIY space Haus of Yarga on Saturday, July 20.

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