William Travis | Photo courtesy of the artist

Bethlehem native William H. Travis typically makes subdued folk with melancholic lyrics, telling tales of hardship and unrequited love. Some of his previous releases have been covered on The Key, and while delightful, they indicated an artist who had become comfortable in his niche. 

2019 marks a new era for Travis. Earlier this year he released “Aloha” a track about an ill-fated relationship with a woman who was far too carefree for the songwriter. While lyrically it did not indicate any dramatic change for Travis, the background instrumentals and vocals have a definite Hawaiian influence.

William H. Travis’ latest single, “Godspeed,” continues this trend. In an email, he described the track; “It’s a song about not giving up on your mission, although invisible things enter your head all the time and push you another direction or hurt you or even inspire you. It’s called “Godspeed.” And it is a song for all and anybody who has a vision or a hope.”

Clearly, Travis’s description is accurate as he opens the track by singing, “Godspeed on your mission, oh, May your vision be like oak.” “Godspeed” is an impressive blend of smooth guitar, steady percussion, and confident vocals. Audibly, it does not stray as far from past releases as “Aloha,” but it does veer more towards a mellowed indie sound.

Want to hear Travis stray from his usual repertoire? The track is now available to stream on Apple Music, Spotify, and Bandcamp.