Abi Reimold | photo by Kathryn Rogers

Abi Reimold has been on a faith journey recently. The Philly singer-songwriter and photographer shared a cover the hymn-like song “All Who Are Thirsty,” by South African Christian musicians Brenton Brown and Glenn Robertson. Slow and somber, the song’s lyrics read: “All who are thirsty, all who are weak / Come to the fountain, dip your heart in the stream of life / Let the pain and the sorrow be washed away / In the waves of His mercy as deep cries out to deep.”

Reimold has been performing as the in-house musician at Beacon, a faith community in the Kensington / Fishtown area that emphasizes faith alongside art, storytelling, and inclusivity. Reimold, who is nonbinary, shared an Instagram post discussing their spiritual journey back in the spring, mentioning their experience growing up in an uninclusive church that reinforced gender roles. “As I began to foster my spirituality I experienced cognitive dissonance about the higher power I was getting to know vs. the patriarchal god figure presented by the church,” Reimold writes. “To me the higher power created humans as unique individuals and spirituality meant growth, understanding and inclusivity.”

Listen to the song and read their full post below.