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Flamingo Chicks | via facebook.com/FlamingoChicksband

Philly indie quartet Flamingo Chicks landed on our radar during 2017’s Items Tagged Philadelphia project. Previously known together as Space Cadets, their sound is a cross between indie pop and punk, but they describe it as “reverb-soaked-indie-dream-fuzzy-post-pop-punk-folk-tier sh*t.” Their newest release, Motorcycle Picnic, presents all of those words and more as it never ceases to surprise.

Flamingo Chicks is Becka Lundy, Thor Speeler, Jason Loux, Nick Rahn and Jay Bickell. One of the most notable things about the new release would have to be Lundy’s vocal delivery, which goes everywhere — from strong and operatic on “Telling the Bees” to full on screaming on “Ramble Scramble.” The latter features each band member completely letting loose as fuzzy guitars and pounding drums give way for Lundy’s playful punk rocker vocal lyrics. “Telling the Bees” plays around with odd time signatures and features subtle synth and guitar lines that explode at the chorus.

“Olivia” and “Time & Time Again” feature vocals from Speeler, who brings a smooth delivery and definitely provides the “post-pop-punk folk” bit from their genre description. Collectively, their tunes make up the most chill moments on the EP and balance out this crazy set of songs, full of excitement around every corner.

Check out Motorcycle Picnic below.

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