Over a decade after the release of their last album, Espers has announced the reissue of their two earliest works next month via Drag City Records. The trio of Meg Baird, Greg Weeks and Brooke Sietinsons formed in Philadelphia around 2004, and released their self-titled debut album that year.

According to Drag City, the band’s debut album showcased “delicate-yet-full-toned arrangements strewn with classical and traditional music touches, acid leads and a folkish air suffused with ennui  (really, is there any other kind?) – all in stark contrast to their peers, whose ennui had to do with typical youth problems and the tech-based world that was coming.”

Espers followed the self-titled album with The Weed Tree EP in 2005, and went on to release two more LPs before dissolving in 2010. The band reunited briefly for a one-off show at Union Transfer in 2018, and hinted at the forthcoming reissue in an interview with The Key that summer.

The reissues of Espers and The Weed Tree will be released on March 13. “Riding” and “Flaming Telepaths” — a single from each — are out now. Listen below and pre-order the reissues here.