Philly modern rock band Riverby returns this week with their first single of 2020, the hard-hitting lovelorn jam “The Tell Tale Heart” rocks a blend of fuzzy guitars and spirited synths a la Charly Bliss, with lyrics that look at the aftermath of romance from a place of distance and enlightenment.

As singer and songwriter Sophia Greenberg tells us over email:

“The Tell Tale Heart” is a song that’s more of a letter to a younger self after a devastating heartbreak (based on a very true story), in which the lesson is to remember that while this particular heartache might feel like the world is ending, it’s not the first time it will happen nor the last. It’s an effort to heal, to reflect, and to remind oneself that although your heart feels like it’s crumbling to pieces, you will always heal despite how deep the wounds appear.

“The Tell Tale Heart” comes from Riverby’s forthcoming debut full-length The Smart Mouth; it was produced by Justin Nazario and includes guitar / bass backing by members of The Tisburys (WXPN alums Tyler Asay and Doug Keller) as well as Celia Tice of Pigeon Culture on vocals and Dan Nazario on drums.

Check it out below; and since Bandcamp is donating 100% of its proceeds to musicians today, it’s a good day to buy a download. Riverby’s album release party is tentatively scheduled for the Khyber Pass Pub on May 22nd with Stillwatcher and Kailey Prior; hopefully the quarantine is lifted by then.