Hot on the heels of TRACXKS, released in late March, DJ Delish has returned to the scene with another entry in the now 6-part Khadijah series. Delish’s music joins the ever-growing vanguard of young LGBTQ+ youth bringing this unique aspect of queer culture to the limelight. Her brand of electronic music is deeply queer, rooted in the ballroom and drag scene which have propelled innovations in club music since the genre’s inception.

Khadijah Vol. 6 shows Delish employing a variety of eclectic vocal samples, chopping and screwing them up to make hard-hitting beats designed for voguing. Closing track “Love Ya” starts off with discordant piano jabs which eventually morph into the backbone of a pulse-pounding house beat.

Check out what Delish has to say about Khadijah Vol. 6 below.

As we are elevating in fame and “fortune” within and outside of the ballroom scene, we must remember that it is the pre-ball ciphers that brought us here. It was the “neicy neicy neicy”‘s in the houses, in your socks, smoking a blunt and voguing with your girlfriends that got us here. It is the heart-pounding moment when it is 3-3 and an Icon has to break the tie. Over the years I’ve been apart of some of these moments and wouldn’t take it from my journey in any way.
Those moments taught me true culture, it taught me black trans and gay in motion and how possible it was to be someone in a world full of “that’s not for you” and “don’t you ever!”s.

DJ Delish’s Khadijah Vol. 6 is available for purchase on her Bandcamp page, and can be streamed below.