Running at five years strong, podcast 25 O’Clock hosted Philly-turned-Brooklyn-turned-Philly transplants Grocer this week. Nick Rahn and Danielle Lovier from Grocer talked with host Dan Drago in a new interview about the state of the band and the music scene in a pandemic.

Rahn and Lovier talk about how they’ve been keeping up on their instrument skills — their drummer is quarantined with them, and jam sessions abound — and the rapid changes that had to take place on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. Grocer’s March residency at Ortlieb’s had to be canceled halfway through, and the band was beginning to plan a US/Japan tour.

The bulk of the interview discusses the future of Philly DIY venues, both during and after the pandemic, and the ways in which the band is filling their time with practice, part-time jobs, and home improvement projects. The band put out their brilliant debut, Little Splash, at the end of May, and has continued to write music since quarantine went into effect. Drago emphasizes that “musicians and artists who are going to do this no matter what,” who will continue to create in any circumstance, will be the ones to recover when things start to go back to normal. The interview ends with a brief cameo from Lovier’s cat, being let in from the rain.

Listen to the interview below.