Last month, in the wake of the Black Lives Matter uprising, a group of producers from across the country teamed up for No Justice, No Beats, a friendly beatmaking competition and conversation streamed live on Twitch.

Co-organized by Philly’s Kilamanzego and Bad Snacks, the event featured Chicago’s Jovan Landry, Dallas’ Capshun, and California’s Moore Kismet. The beatmakers each crafted sounds and textures they contributed to a shared sample pack, which they then had 24 hours to flip into a new song.

Now, those resulting songs are available for download on Bandcamp for the streaming site’s latest Fee-Free Friday, with proceeds being split between the National Bailout Fund and the artists.

The songs range from glitchy, dreamlike tapestries (Moore Kismet’s “Reforming Soul”), big bass bangers (Capshun’s “Revelations”), and franticly pulsing trance (Kilamanzego’s “Nothing For Free”) and were premiered at the June 10th Twitch event, which featured a two-hour plus conversation moderated by Noah Smith. The talk touched on a range of topics surrounding racial justice — from the protests to the education system to the best way to get non-Black folks to confront their own internalized racism.

Watch the event in full over at Bad Snacks’ Twitch, listen to the compilation below, and grab a download at Bandcamp. Kilamanzego tells us another installment of No Justice, No Beats is on the way, so keep your ears open for more.