Veteran folk rock band Star & Micey have dropped their first track since the release of their 2016 album, Get ‘Em Next Time.

The new energetic and emotional single “Falls Apart” is accompanied by the release of a black and white music video created with a green screen while band members live in two cities–– Memphis and Philadelphia.

Two band members, Joshua Cosby and Nick Redmond were able to answer some questions over email about the new release and what being in two cities means for the future of the group. Read our conversation below.

The Key: What have you guys been up to since your last album in 2016?

Joshua Cosby: Well, a lot in some ways. We have played countless shows in our hometown Memphis. I got married and have an 11-month-old son. Some of us have gotten sober. We’ve all been writing and recording a lot, both for the band and for solo projects. Perhaps one of our greatest feats is that we are still a band of brothers, who have House Party zoom calls regularly. We are all staying creative, oh and staying broke, there is that too, lol. Don’t forget we are still musicians lol.

TK: At least one of the members have moved to Philly. What brings them here? How will this change the band?

Nick Redmond: Yes, that was me! I came here to dispatch airplanes for Eastern Airlines. Aviation has always been a passion of mine and it gives me plenty of time for music. I also wanted to introduce myself and the band to the music scene here as well as New York. Me living in another state doesn’t really affect the band at all; bands do it all the time. I am very excited to be here, though, and look forward to meeting the musicians and promoters.

TK: How did your new track “Falls Apart” come together? Is there a particular meaning or message to the song?

JC: Well, this song was written back when we were on the road all the time. And at a lot of points in a band (which by that point was pretty much a marriage or family) you want to call it quits. Especially when every day just seems to be getting worse, you start looking for an out. Well, that’s part of what this song is about. But the other side is about how even though everything is falling apart and hopelessness is setting in, family (at least the one our band was) sticks around and doesn’t desert you. Even when they themselves may be ready to leave. You stand by each other, and weather the storm together. A cool side note, for a year I tried and couldn’t finish writing this song to save my life. And it was written particularly about my relationship with Nick, and ironically it was him who actually helped me finish writing this song. So I couldn’t have done it without him.

TK: In what ways are you hoping to evolve as a band in the future?

NR: Believe it or not, we are more excited now than ever considering the leaps in technology that have been happening around us. Streaming video and unique content are the best ways to reach fans right now with COVID. In a way, for the first time in our lives all bands are on a level playing field because no one is able to tour. Strange times, indeed. We are planning to release a series of songs independently which is another first. We have pretty much always been on a label and we are on our own for the first time in 10 years. That’s right! We just celebrated the 10-year mark as a band. We are bonded together at this point forever I think. We agreed a long time ago that we would never break up, and that is our definition of success.

The new Star & Micey single “Falls Apart” is now available for streaming on all major digital platforms.