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A new Bon Iver project may be on the way. This week, the band, helmed by Justin Vernon, released a new single, “AUATC.” Standing for “Ate Up All Their Cake,” the track follows April’s “PDLIF,” or “Please Don’t Live In Fear.” Both tracks have been released under a mysterious title: Bon Iver: Season Five. Because there have been four Bon Iver LP’s released to date, each corresponding with a season(For Emma, Forever Ago is winter; Bon Iver, Bon Iver is spring; 22, A Million is summer; and i,i is autumn) many fans have speculated that the Season Five project is a play-on-words, referencing a new full-length album, with each single released as an episode.

“AUATC” is a relatively short track — just over two minutes long — marked by highly processed vocals and joyous instrumentals. “Ate Up All Their Cake,” seemingly references Marie Antoinette’s infamous declaration to starving peasants: “Let them eat cake!” With a markedly anti-capitalist tone, the cover for the track similarly features an engorged, overjoyed businessman, whose happiness is at odds with the dire state of the world.

Instantly reminiscent of Massive Attack’s Eutopia EP from July, Bon Iver released the following statement to explain the single:

“Our capitalistic societies have created a world that is most supportive of the wealthy and the elite, and the predatory corporations and policies that drive their disproportionate success. 

The average person is cast aside and unheard; marginalized communities are further oppressed due to race, economic status, gender, sexual orientation, creed, criminal record, housing stability, education, ability, documentation status, and more. The pandemic further magnifies these grave inequities and this unchecked greed.

Bon Iver is also encouraging fans to donate and support the following movements: Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement, Red Letter Grant, the Equal Justice Initiative, NIVA, and Listen to Bon Iver’s “AUATC” below.

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