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Lancaster-based shoegaze band Vicious Blossom has released a new track, “May.” For it, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist Nate Zerbe is joined by bassist Ben Roth and drumer Joe Fuscia, fleshing out music that is dreary and languid, distorted and dreamy, and aesthetic that bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and Slowdive pioneered in the 80s and 90s.

With washed-out walls of sounds reverberating around the mix, “May” is a stunning example of modern shoegaze; a genre that’s more or less been in limbo since its heyday in the 90s, save for notable exceptions like My Bloody Valentine’smbv in 2013 and Slowdive’s 2017 self-titled album.

Vicious Blossom’s last release, an EP called Solace, came in April 2019. Since then, Simon Scott – Slowdive’s drummer – remixed one of the tracks off Solace, but “May” is the band’s first new track in over a year. Though “May” features all the hallmarks of a classic shoegaze / dream-pop track (like undefinable waves of distorted guitar noise and vocals that sit way back in the mix), it also features a piercing, shocking guitar solo that dominates the majority the track. It’s a brilliantly psychedelic genre blend that gives “May” a reference point to hold on to: shoegaze-inspired songs can certainly blur together due to the intentionally washed-out, distorted tones used, but this unique instrumentation certainly allows “May” to stand out from the pack.

Another point of interest on “May” is the mixing, completed by Jon Smith. The vocals and walls of guitar are blended together impeccably, providing an extra sense of depth to the faded blend of music that characterizes shoegaze. The drums and aforementioned guitar solo, however, stand out easily; the track has an effortless, compelling groove to it. Overall, “May” is a beautiful track, showing that there’s room for experimentation and growth in a genre that’s recently become a ghost town.

Purchase Vicious Blossom’s “May” here and listen to the song below.

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