Brian Langan, a member of numerous local bands including Needle Points and Langor, released music for the first time since Needle Points’ 2016 record, Feel Young. Langan’s solo single, “Lot of Things,” is an exciting return for the Philly music veteran.

The new track sets itself apart from the more psychedelic garage-rock sound of Needle Points and Langor. Although it definitely pulls on elements of his other projects, it heavily channels The Beach Boys and key member Brian Wilson’s solo work. “Lot of Things” features prominent vocals from Langan over an arrangement of percussions, keys, and harmonized backing vocals to really compliment his voice.

Langan told The Key that the song was put together with the help of a group of friends, including Roy Williams who produced, engineered, played all instruments, and sang backup vocals. Other Philly-familiars like Keith Abrams of Pine Barons mixed the track and it was mastered by Todd Mecaughey from Secret American. Langan said he enjoyed having his friends involved and putting the song entirely in someone else’s hands.

Listen to “Lot of Things” below.