We’re all familiar with annoyance and agitation, the emotions Humilitarian tackles in their new single “She Said.” For the band, the inspiration was personal, and hit close to home. According to vocalist Kira Cappello, the song is “marked by the uneasy feelings that come with dealing with criticism, and rejecting negative unsolicited commentary from people close to us in our lives.”

“She Said” was one of the first songs Humilitarian wrote together when the North Philly band formed in early 2019 — and if you’ve seen them live, you’ve likely heard them close out their set with this song. They finally put the early favorite to tape, and it’s only the beginning of what Humilitarian has in store for the rest of 2020.

Some members of the five-piece band are roommates, which made it possible for them to collaborate on new music during the pandemic, using Zoom, text and email to work out the details. The result is a five-track EP of new songs, title and release date TBA. We can expect the EP to draw on the influences we heard in their February debut, but with a “more cohesive feel as we’ve settled into ourselves as a group over the last year or so,” Cappello recently told Philadelphia Weekly. “Our first EP was just that, our very first, and we feel we’re coming to distill our sound that has a lot of different influences and moods.”

Listen to “She Said” below, and grab a download on Bandcamp — particularly today, when the platform waives its revenue share to directly support artists impacted by the pandemic.