With six albums released over the past ten years, Cloud Nothings have proven to be among the more productive bands in contemporary DIY rock, and this February their catalog grows further still.

On February 26th, the Cleveland-born band — whose lead singer and guitarist Dylan Baldi currently lives in Philadelphia — will release The Shadow I Remember, their seventh LP, via Carpark Records. The eleven-song, Steve Albini-produced project was announced this week with a new song called “Am I Something.”

The song is a propulsive punk jam in the vein of Buzzcocks, and as double-time beats race and guitar riffs grind, Baldi sings in a gravelly delivery about existential quandaries and uncertainty about one’s place in the world: “Am I something? Do you see me? Does anybody living out there really need me?”

Watch the Lu Yang’s cosmic video for the song below and preorder The Shadow I Remember here. Carpark is also releasing a new vinyl edition of Turning On, Cloud Nothings’ 2010 label debut — an expanded version of its self-released first EP. The band also released a quarantine-recorded album called The Black Hole Understands in July via Bandcamp; stream and download that record here.