Brian Dale Allen Strouse, formerly the lead songwriter and guitarist for beloved Philly indie rock outfit The Lawsuits, has returned from a multi-year hiatus with a new track, “Rollie Comb.”

In an Instagram post, Strouse described the new single as “when you know like you roll in your comb and whatever. Just common experiences. Heartfelt.” “Rollie Comb” is certainly heartfelt, bordering twee. It’s a thumping, upbeat take on folktronica, with sizzling electric guitar lines cutting through acoustic guitar strums. Strouse’s return to music is promising, and hopefully his solo career will live up to the high expectations set by his past work with The Lawsuits.

Three years ago, The Lawsuits was forced to split up. After releasing Moon Sun through Randm Records, the band alleged that the label made it “impossible for anyone to get [Moon Sun] online,” plainly stating “if we release new music, [Randm Records] will sue us… our only real option is to dissolve the band.” The four-piece, made up of Strouse, vocalist Vanessa Winters, bassist Brendan Cunningham, and drummer Josh Friedman originally formed the band in Bucks County in 2010, and released a number of acclaimed albums and EPs until they broke up in 2017.

Listen to Brian Dale Allen Strouse’s “Rollie Comb” below.