Philly modern rock band Moonroof’s latest single “First” is a nostalgic amalgamation of sounds and memories.

A relatable narrative and synth-driven indie-rock arrangements manifest “First” into a perfectly catchy tune. Paired with the smooth vocals of Dave Kim and an energetic drum and guitar melody, Moonroof pens the story of a first love.

Kim spoke about the track in a press release:

“First is a song about dealing with memories of your first love and how you might not love them anymore but they are still a thought that gets in the way of your future encounters. The chorus brings a comfortable feeling as if one is in a trance and going through the motions of remembering one’s first love. You don’t love them anymore but they made you who you are and they will always be your first.”

As its release nears the holiday season, Moonroof hopes that the common themes and upbeat nature of “First” resonate with listeners to make them feel less alone during these times. Check it out below.