Philly indie-electronic duo DECOUPLR is exploring the intersection of digital and organic sounds on their debut single “Cold Sweat.”

The song, released this week, is a teaser of their February 2021 album DIGITAL BONFIRE. The single previews the tech-driven style of DECOUPLR’s music, with trip-hop percussion and synths atmospheres. The band is the project of vocalist Bailey Walker and multi-instrumentalist Adam Laub of local indie-pop band OhBree, and they view the music they make together as a reaction to and product of the times we live in.

Walker said thos about the track in a press release: 

“I thought about the concept of distance in a modern technological world. To me, ‘Cold Sweat’ is an intersection of the whirling uncertainties of this year colliding with a desire to be vulnerable with our closest friends.”

DIGITAL BONFIRE will continue building on the ideas of the loneliness and uncertainty that come with connecting in the digital age, exemplified in “Cold Sweat’s” lyrics, “Call me on my phone if you need me / You don’t have to be so alone.”

Listen to to the song below and follow DECOUPLR on Facebook.