Brothers John and Michael Gibbons of Bardo Pond have revived their long-running side project Vapour Theories for its first new album in 15 years. Compiled from hours of jam sessions, Celestial Scuzz embraces an eclectic sound that’s meant to be a “sanctuary; balm for the soul.” The spacey lead single” Breaking Down (The Portals Of Hell)” is out now.

“The balance of power definitely shifts,” Michael says of the duo’s unique collaborative style. “When the record is put together it is equal parts from me and my brother. The collaboration is complete and represents both sides of our taking the lead on material.”

“When we play together there’s a kind of connection to vibrations for us. When it happens, we become vehicles for some unknown forces that work through us to create the music. A kind of spiritual. Most of the time it leaves us stunned; the more stunned we are the better the jam.”

Celestial Scuzz will be released on limited edition gold vinyl on February 26 via Fire Records. Pre-order it here.