In case it bears repeating, let us just say that we’re going to be listening to a LOT of music over the next week and change.

So what happens if you miss a song? Or didn’t catch the name of an artist? Or you come across an amazing piece of music you’ve never heard before, and you want to hear it again? Fear not — we’ve got you covered.

Welcome to Playlist Central for the The 2020 Countdown. We’re going to keep running collections across multiple streaming services of everything we play during the #XPN2020 — the hits, the deep cuts, the amazing covers and lesser-heard originals. Keep tabs on these, and even when the broadcast ends, you’ll have a go-to memento of the musical journey we collectively took this fall — and one you can dive back into at any time!

A note for the sticklers (hello, Twitter dot com): THESE ARE NOT REAL TIME PLAYLISTS. Try as we will to keep these as current as possible, there will be stretches where updating will lag behind what you’re hearing on air. For the most up-to-date information on the #XPN2020 standings, consult our countdown page on

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