Every year during Kanaval in Haiti, dozens of bands release songs for Kanaval. This year is no different. Typically overtly political in nature, Kanaval songs have often become anthems for Haitians over the years, drawing on the traditional forms of merenge and kompa music.

If you want to get into the vibe of Kanaval 2021, look no further. Watch this new video by Boukman Eksperyans, who recently released “Kan’w Pran’w Konen (Kobay)” – written by Theodore Beaubrun & Mimerose Beaubrun – below.

Kan'w Pran'w konen - Boukman Eksperyans | Kanaval 2021 [Video Officiel]

Below, listen to a 70+ song playlist of Kanaval 2021 songs.