See the conceptual new video for Lee Clarke, Ivy Sole, and Kingsley Ibeneche's celestial song "Evaporate" - WXPN | Vinyl At Heart

Last year producer and instrumentalist Lee Clarke teamed up with rapper Ivy Sole and singer/songwriter Kingsley Ibeneche to create a powerful song. “Evaporate” is celestial, leaving you feeling like you’re floating as you listen. Now Clarke has released a video to accompany the future-pop piece.

The video, directed by Josh Finck, features dancer Melvin AC Howell. Howell moves through a limited and mostly empty space, dancing smoothly in abstract synchronization with the song. Overtop, images and videos are projected: Static, a mouth, the sky, some foliage. Some of the images seem abstract at first. Ultimately harken to the idea at the center of “Evaporate” – to that same sensation of the total freedom of love. The song itself is so evocative, and this video pairs perfectly through its striking and conceptual aesthetic.

Check out the ethereal “Evaporate” video below. Both “Evaporate” and Clarke’s newest EP, Off Nights, are part of the AstroNautico label’s Atlantics X project to support artists impacted by COVID, so be sure to stream them while you’re at it!

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