In his usual (but not-so-typical) style, serpentwithfeet, AKA Josiah Wise, has released another track that bridges the gap between gospel and experimental pop.

In “Heart Storm,” Wise’s already angelic vocals meet astronomical heights. As soon as he hits the words “Down pour” the whole track blooms into its fullest vision. Then, suddenly, in a moment of silence Nao gives a whole new dimension to the song with her own unique, grounded sound.

The third single from serpentwithfeet’s upcoming album, Deacon, “Heart Storm” explores Wise’s concept of love, both romantically and platonically. Where “Fellowship” and “Same Size Shoe” seemed to express the joy and tenderness of love respectively, “Heart Storm” seems to lean into how powerful love can be.

The accompanying lyric video also ties itself in visually with Wise’s last two singles, particularly “Fellowship,” by portraying him in an embrace with his partner on the beach. You can watch the video below or check the song out on Spotify.

Deacon will be available on all platforms this Friday, March 26. You can pre-order or pre-save it here.